• Every situation is different, when you confront an emergency when diving. There are no set rules on what procedure you use, other than to stay calm, THINK, then ACT. It's what you're taught on day one. Given that situation,( being stupid getting tangled and without a knife) hopefully my buddy is around to help disentangle me or use his own knife. I never dive without 2 knives, one strapped to the inside of my right upper thigh, where I can reach it at all times, in any position and a smaller knife strapped to the shoulder webbing on my bouyancy compensator at chest level. I'm covered if I drop one or can't bend to reach one. Failing all that, it will likely be the gear itself that's tangled, usually at the tank valve. I'd be ditching the gear do a quick attempt to free it, and head up. This I have had happen, I got caught on an engine room railing, inside a wreck at 140 feet. It was the tank valve. I had to ditch the gear and unhook it, then re don the equipment. My buddy had dissapeared taking pics further in the wreck.
  • Just wait until the net is pulled up!

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