• just want to know beacuse im a kid who put this question
  • It is usually a psychological need to hold power over a weaker being.
  • i'm not sure why. I think it's because a wire is disconnected somewhere in the brain and they dont function or think like we do.
  • After taking some classes in Psychology and doing some research on personality disorders, I honestly believe that, yes some wires are not connected right in the brains of pedophiles, etc, but also there is a transposing of the image of someone the victimizer could not overcome in his/her past, and the child, woman, man, represents that person, allowing the rapist to have control over them in a covert way. Again, it IS something wrong in the brain, because many times, these people can do this and not think twice about it...some even go out with friends or to school or a job as though nothing out of the ordinary just transpired. It is very sickening, but it's very real and a very severe problem in our world.
  • i dont know, problably because they are desperate?
  • cause theyre evil

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