• That's a pretty good average. Drink more on hot days and less on cool/cold days.
  • I think 1.5-2 litres is meant to be the optimum amount - well done for actually managing that. You might need more, though if it's especially hot where you are, if you've done a lot of exercise or dehydrated yourself through too much alcohol.
  • I work at a Hospice and Home Health company and the nurses told me to drink water whenever I feel thirsty. For seniors, it's a bit more complicated. The gland that tells you that you are thirsty tends to get worn down in your old age and doesn't tell your body when you are thirsty. It also depends what you are trying to do? On a daily basis? I just keep a water bottle at my desk and sip from it whenever I want. I probably have to refill it like 4-5 times a day. That's just what I've heard though. There are many factors that determine how much you should actually drink. There's a great article on all of it right here:
  • "There are many different opinions on how much water we should be drinking every day. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8
  • It is unless you are hot and sweaty,in that case,one to two gallons is enough.
  • whenever you feel like it..You can search this yourself, Many people believe that the source of this myth was a 1945 Food and Nutrition Board recommendation that said people need about 2.5 liters of water a day. But they ignored the sentence that followed closely behind. It read,
    • TBO
      Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods.? Water is present in fruits and vegetables. It?s in juice, it?s in beer, it?s even in tea and coffee. Before anyone writes me to tell me that coffee is going to dehydrate you, research shows that?s not true either.
  • The average recommendation is 8 glasses a day.

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