• To keep track of your favorite ABers Q&A's. I think it was also meant as a form of social interaction.
  • I'm not so sure about this either but I believe it's just so you/they can keep track of their/your AB activities because either you like their questions/answers so much or they like your questions/answers.
  • When a person is on your friends list you can see their questions and answers under the friends tab on your profile and activity page. This lets you answer their questions, comment on their answers and by looking at the time stamp, see if they are on-line when you are. Then you can jump into a comment thread and have a real time conversation with them. Edit: Just like Andy and I are now..
  • Because they like you and your questions/answers
  • Yeah, but why do we call them "friends" when no real interaction seems to take place between them. Or.., am I missing something?
  • There is a link to your friends' questions, so I only accept as friends people whose questions I expect to find interesting.
  • I like to make friends on AB because I like the funny answers/questions/comments. I make sure I'm friends with the ones who have a good sense of humor-- so that any time I can click on them and read all of their funny responses.
  • the truth is this site is all about points. so your friends are supposed to go through your questions and dredge up the old ones with new answers so they return to the new question page so the members can answer them again and give you more points. also your friends keep up with your current questions and answers and give you more points. you do it for all your friends, they do it for you. its a give and give friendly relationship. just look at the point leaders and see how many friends they have. then look at the lists of really dumb questions they ask and see how many points each question has. if you or me were to ask such dumb questions no one would answer them. but with a hundred friends, everyone doing their thing for you and everyone else...well some members shoot over a hundred thousand points pretty quick. plus just looking at your friends questions can be alot of interesting fun. or you can just plus the lot and not worry. you have to show restraint because the moderator will restrict you have to answer a few to show you are not just a positroll.
  • so you can answer their questions that they post.
  • I am asking the same question. I mean, surely the friends we have on our list don't go into your questions all the time? it would be worth while having friends if you could send private messages, I would see the purpose then.
  • Maybe to keep track of their Q&A. I personally just accept everyone who adds me. I don't pay much attention to my Friends' List.
  • I choose friends who answer and ask interesting questions. Then when I get bored with the questions on the main page, I can click on the Friends Q&A and always be sure of finding a more interesting list.
  • Not sure... but I need all the friends I can get, and I'm not going to turn down Answerbag ones ^_^
  • support, laughter, fun, and smiles !

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