• Yes! It looks tacky. Especially when it gets old and starts to peel. Paint is just a whole lot better
  • I really like to keep my walls white (or in another pale, neutral color). I'll hang posters, pictures, and wallscrolls to give the room color. So of course, I hate wallpaper. Not only is it tacky, but it would probably prevent me from being able to hang these pictures I have on my wall. I see no use for it, unless you have a crazy child who likes to color on walls.
  • Yes, we're gradually getting all our walls skimmed and painting them to our taste. It's then so easy to change a colour scheme in the future!
  • Me. Don't ask me why, I just think paint's better.
  • I absolutely loathe it and I'm slowly eliminating it from my house. Even removing it is a pain as everything gets covered in tiny bits of paper which stick and the glue won't always come off the walls....
  • Not in theory, or in observation, but taking it off and putting the new stuff on is a royal pain in the a**! :(
  • I'm with you on this one Cynders. It is rather tacky. a good paint job always looks a lot better.
  • I cant say I have really thought about it before.. But Yeah, I guess i prefer paint. ~+~
  • There have been times I liked it because of the pattern and look of it. However, I've always hated it when it came time to take it off and paint. Dirty, hard, messy, long job!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't stand wallpaper. I think it is a result of growing up with some of the most atrocious wallpaper known to mankind. I much prefer paint.
  • I never liked wallpaper, but curiously enough now I have warmed up to it. I like a beautiful wallpaper for a feature wall and the rest of the walls painted. I change the paint on the walls every two year, so that might present a challenge. I do hate the retro 70's orange and brown bold patterns though. I'll add some examples of what I like for the living room or my little girl's room.
  • I hate stripping it, I hate hanging it in fact I just darn hate it
  • On every single wall in the house? yes :]
  • I hate it. We lived in the South for years and everyone had it. When we built our house and I just painted the walls, everyone thought I was crazy. Five years later, I was the only one who didn't have a DATED room. I hate carpet too.
  • Yes, it's just an extra pattern that can clash with whatever theme you're going for with a room. It can make a room look more cluttered and less airy than it actually is. We have wallpaper in several rooms in our house, and most of them are tacky and ugly. Seriously, who wallpapers bathrooms in dark mottled splotchy red? Especially when the room's tiny enough as it is. Jeesh. If you want to add some life and color to a room, get paintings. Get some cool decor. Don't get wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper seems so dated, or at the very least that its time has passed. There is a lot of effort involved with hanging it, as well as with the eventual removal of. Also, you have to be careful to get the seams PERFECT, otherwise the mistake will stand out loudly. That said, I liked the space shuttle wallpaper I had in my room when I was little.
  • I do not hate it, but I would not choose to have it in my house. In my youth, at school, we had to cover out exercise books in paper, to keep them neat and tidy. Nowadays, I believe you can get some nice plastic covers for your books, but back then it was paper. I always used nice simple brown paper, but some of my classmates used left over wall paper - and I thought it was awful!!! Especially when they tried to cover their books in the vile blown vinyls and textured papers which were popular in the 70s - and just imagine! their houses looked the same as their books!!!!
  • I don't hate wallpaper. It covers small imperfections and cracks. It can be made with a cleanable surface and outlast several paint jobs. It is especially good for rentals in jurisdictions where painted walls must be repainted between each tenant. There is no reason why you must pick a pattern that would appear dated in a few years. There are also patterns which are much more forgiving when you are lining them up. I rarely if ever remove wallpaper, just go over it again.

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