• There's two ways. One is to go to your local historical socity. The second is to go to public records. Both should have copies of censuses, tax records, and deeds to your house. The plus side to the historical socity is they will also have copies of newspapres and such so you can look to see if any of the people are in there and what the history of the house is with a more personal face.
  • The deeds in Missouri sometimes go back to when Spain owned it! Just look at your deed, it will probably tell everyone who ever owned it.
  • Blue eyes, there has to be some kind of public record, somewhere, its gonna probably take some digging. Im interested now, let me know how it goes! Nice to see you!
  • If you own the house, all the names of previous owners should be on the deed. If you don't, then you could still find out by going to public records.

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