• There are some rude people on here, Most of them are good people, just ignor them rude stupid people.
  • i can think of a few but only when it comes to few subjects - of course feelings influence that i'm sure. but no. not many. i would mainly think trolls when one says "rude ABer" probably
  • No, there are few much they are quite in the minority.
  • not really, i think just a few are.
  • There are some rude people, but most of us are honest and the point....with our answers. Ignore the genuine rude people and understand if you ask a question, we all (should!) answer to our utmost honesty.
  • i have been called rude. so i think we are in the minority. most want to have a good time. i am not a bully. there is a group of bullys who think they know it all and downgrade people's point scores. they are trolls. bully trolls.
  • Not most of the ones I meet but there have been a couple that I have met that have chewed me out.But there are kind,sweet people that make up 90% of the AB population.
  • No. I have found a great majority of very polite and respectful people. Only once did I run into a rude person but, by her own admission, she was very young so maybe that would explain it. I think the AB community is excellent on the whole.
  • A very few. But those few have successfully prevented me from enjoying this site fully. That's why I'm just a part-time ABer now. As my very good friend Jodie said: "To anyone who's being cyber-bullied: Turn off your computer. Take a break. Go for a walk. When you get back online, remember that the World Wide Web is huge. You don't have to stay where people are jerks. Just something to consider." I've just returned from my trip to Vietnam, and right now, I'm already planning for another one, this time to Cambodia, to see Angkor Wat and other magnificent attractions there. That's what I've always wanted to do anyway: see as much of the world as I could (not sit in front of the computer for hours and hours...)
  • No more so than people anywhere else. The fact that people freely express themselves here exposes us to opinions we might not otherwise hear, thus giving the impression of rudeness. One thing for least on THIS site, you know where everyone stands.
  • Some are. But I wouldn't take it personally. For me to get all flustered and return a few insults would just thrill the rude people.
  • There are a few but I think it's pretty easy to 'read' people and areas here and stay out of most of the debris:-) But most people are decent members, very helpful, caring and very funny!
  • There are a few that are exceedingly rude, but luckily there aren't that many.
  • Just a handful of baddies exist out there. They need to walk the plank.
  • i think arrogant and insensitve cover it better than rude.
  • Well, there are a few..but there are also people on this site that are overly sensitive.
  • it's hard to ignore them sometimes. I'm trying harder ever day to bite my tongue and resist snapping back at someone. A lot of people ask for your opinion and when you give it, they get pissed off at you. They should word their question to say "only answer if you agree with me; otherwise I hate you".
  • I try *blink*
  • Some are, not all. Some bring it out even when you're not normally rude. And SOMEONE went digging for this!

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