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  • I see nothing wrong with that..and if her boyfriend is that insecure then there is a problem there
  • Yes he can. Will it cause a problem? I don't see why it should, but that depends on the perspective of both the girl and her boyfriend.
  • Unless the girl in question has a ridiculously jealous boyfriend, this should not be an issue. My guy friends kiss me on the cheek all the time. No big deal.
  • you didnt lick her-did you?
  • As long as it is actually innocent and he is not at all interested. Otherwise it is trouble.
  • sure, my boyfriend's best friend always kisses me, he's even kissed me on the lips but just a peck and in a very platonic way saying, "i love you, you are my friend" kind of way. When I was little my mom and dad had friends who were married also and I thought it was funny when the husband would kiss my mom and my dad would kiss the wife...but that is what they would do when they would greet each other
  • I always kiss girls on the cheek near their lips. If the boyfriend gets jealous, I'm not bothered by that. I'm a big guy and I can handle myself.
  • Yes can :-) !
  • I guess it depends on where you live. In Italy, friends kiss each other on the cheeks all the time as a form greeting, even if they have boyfriends and girlfriends. It's socially accepted and actually expected. Obviously, in other countries it may be an issue seeing as you're asking. I don't see anything wrong with it personally.
  • I don't see a problem. I've had a bf forever and my guy friends give me cheek kisses. Hell, I give 'em back. Once tongue gets involved, though, that's where you'll have problems. ~_^
  • Depends on the comfort level of the friends and the boyfriend. Me personally, I wouldn't have a problem with it. If I have a girlfriend, I know who she's coming home with at the end of the day. =)
  • The key here is the jealous boyfriend. If the jealousy level of the BF is low, then kiss away. Otherwise, watch out... Kiss whoever you want to. I am sure the girls appreciate it!
  • Yes as long as you don't think that because you have taken an inch you can now take a mile. It's what a lot of genuine friends do and usually comes naturally.
  • Sure, as long as everyone knows the boundaries. Even the girl.

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