• if i hated my boss that much i wouldnt wait, i jus wouldnt be there when she got back.
  • if u already gots a new job, who cares. its not like u need the reference
  • bosses should never take holidays,they should always be there to support their underlings. Dont worry bout it just do it, time is passing by. Trust me they wouldnt give you the same consideration.
  • I would give notice... 2 weeks is best... and leave. It doesn't matter if she's there for your "notice" - turn it in to Human Resources... A simple letter - 2 or 3 sentences. "Dear <name>, This letter is to formally inform you of my resignation. Thank you for the opportunities here. I have had great opportunities for learning. My last day in the office will be mm/dd/ccyy. Thank you, <Your Name>" No need for any explanation or to tell them you have another job. Not their concern.
  • Giving notice is good for a future resume, and the sensible thing to do. But I would want to say it to her face, flip her the bird, and walk.
  • The respectable thing to do is give two week notice. If you already have a job lined up, you might not have that kind of time, so give them what you can. No need to wait for the boss to return, who's in charge while she's out? If you have a personnel department, they'll know how to handle it, this is their job.
  • just talk to someone else about it and give notice

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