• I have a very close female friend but I would never consider a relationship with her and there are two very good reasons for that. The first reason is she is already in a relationship with someone and I am not a homewrecker The other reason is she's nearly half my age at 24 years old
  • My best friend is female. I'd never date her, because I don't like the way she treats her boyfriends. I wouldn't be able to trust her the same way anymore.
  • most of my girlfriends have been close friends. Why wouldnt anyone consider someone that was a close friend you confide in and share your time with a perfect candidate for more than a friend?! That's like saying, I know the perfect girl but she's my friend, so I am gonna go find some stranger I don't gel with to marry.
  • From my experience this changes a friendship. The only thing gained is momentary fun, what is lost is more long term. I cant quite put it to words but it was like trading in a friend for sex. We were never as close after. Both times, with both girls, I regretted it.
  • my best friend is a girl. she is my ex actually, but she and i are closer now than we were when we dated. i could go to her for anything and she can come to me with everything, but the idea of being more than friends has never come up again nor do i believe it ever will.
  • My GF IS my best friend!
  • I think the best romantic relationships begin as friendship relationships. In my dating days I eventually decided to stop look for romantic relationships with women and ONLY look for friendships. A friendship that develops into romance has a far more stable and lasting foundation. Worked for me, been married 38 years.

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