• They actually have websites for freelance writers. You have to pay so much, but you get your stuff criticed and copies sent to producers. You just have to find them on google. But they are out there.
  • To get your foot in the door it is best to approach very low budget films were the competition is not so great.There is a great amount of scripts that get rejected and maybe 5% get through. Also you need to know the types of films certain companies are looking for.You would not send a comedy script to a production company that only does serious movies.You need to contact these places to find out what scripts they are looking for.The research is the best way to cut many rejections out.
  • Short version: win a top script contest. Details: write a really great, tight (110 pp) script in a very marketable genre (horror, broad comedy, teen) that is perfectly professional in all manner: format, structure, dialogue, originality, etc. THEN enter it into a reputable script contest -- win or place -- and that notice in your query letter to agents will get attention, as well as get your foot in the door for the same type of producer that makes those kinds of films. You have a lot of self-study to do before then, but look for producers who have taken a chance on an unknown in the past -- Also, offers advice from a top screenwriter (no really), and there's a great deal of info there to help you achieve your goal. Good luck.

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