• The playstation one or PSX will only play playstation one games and audio compact disks. A port on the rear of the machine allows linking to another PSX for some games (need two TV's aswell) Since the PSX first came out a smaller version was released called the PSone.. The PS2 is a more powerful machine and can play the original PSX games and audio CD's. Also the PS2 plays PS2 games/software and DVD's It has more ports on the unit and can support some USB connected hardware such as printers, modems, USB Hubs.
  • There is a big difference in the makeup between the PS1 and PS2 (by the way, the playstation we're used to is not called the PSX. The "PSX" was a predacessor to the Playstation, built in co-op by Sony and Nintendo, it had a Super Nintendo cartridge slot as well as an early form of the CD drive (originally developed as a storage add-on for the Super Nintendo) With the PS1 u can only play games and audio CD's (and the additional hookups like serial and paralell ports never were a great hit) as with the PS2 you can play PS1 and audio CD's, as well as PS2 and video DVD's, but with the PS2 you can play online, or on a network (which is pretty cool). Also, the USB (UNIVERSAL serial bus) ports aren't that universal at all. There is almost nothing USB for the computer that will work on the PS2 (you have to buy seperate USB items made just for the PS2) drag. But, I've also noticed the PS1's hardware quality is far better than the PS2.

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