• ensure everything is on and plugged in and make sure the connection to the laptop is properly connected, somethimes i wont connect even if it's all the way in the socket of the laptop. It could be your battery monitor, try a diffrent one or take out the power supply and see if the laptop goes into stand by with in the given time according to the power monitor. or if you go into your setup when the laptop boots, usually pressing F2 or F12 during the boot sequence and go to your battery settings this will say if it's conneted or not and how much it is charged. Hope this helps...
  • Maybe the battery is just shot and won't take a charge.
  • If what Gremlin put in doesn't fix it, it could also be because rechargeable batteries can only go through a limited number of charge and use cycles before the it begins to lose capacity. If your battery is very old, or possibly because of a manufacturing defect, it could simply be the battery is suffering hardware failure
  • I had a similar issue. The charger itself can be trashed or the battery is too far gone or too old to recharge. First check the charger then the battery. In my case it felt like the battery but it was actually the charger that was blown. I spent money on batteries when it had nothing to do with the battery.
  • A common problem on older HP and Compaq laptops caused them not to charge. Through use, the electrical contacts on the charge jack break off the main circuit board. If that is the problem, sometimes wiggling the charge plug will make it charge again. I saw lots of this problem at my work, and My stepdaughter's computer sufferd this problem. Good Luck
  • i just had this problem and i took out my battery (after completly turning off the laptop and unpluging the power cord) and shook the battery a little not real ruff but enough to give it a little mix. when i put it back in it worked just fine. not sure what exactly this did but when i had my computer test the battery again it stopped saying i need to replace it and said it was in good condition.
  • it could be the power jack on the laptop it isn't always the cord. when you plug and unplug your charger the jack sometimes get loose and it will have to be in a sertain position for it to get power. I had a compaq and after a while it broke and fell off. when I took it a part there was basicly no way to fix it. and I'm pretty good with computers, so don't get made and break urs off inside. just be careful with the power cord and pawer supply. or the battery could just be a piece of shit and won't take a charge (seen that b 4)
  • Sometimes charges stop working so u might want to get a new charger

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