• yes you can.
  • Yes. Go online and you can get the forms and what not. I was going to do it until my ex decided to fight over a lawn mower. I would only do it if there were no kids and you agreed on EVERYTHING! Just as long as you watch your own butt you would be fine.
  • I did my own divorces. Saves the cost of a lawyer but it does cost money. You can pick the divorce kit up at any stationary store. It just takes a bit of time as you have to do it in stages at the Court house. I'm in Canada, it may be different in other countries. If it is complicated you may want a lawyer but mine were straight forward, no kids, everything was agreed upon between us.
  • Yes, you can. If there are no children or significant assets it may be the best thing to do but in the case of children or large assets you should definitely have a lawyer.

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