• Had an acer flatbed scanner for years no problems excellent scaner, also know of someone with acer laptop no problems there either. However like all electrical goods faults can occur
  • Acer is a good product with little problems, many businesses use this type of monitor, BTW the price ain't half bad. Always get a warranty on a monitor, sometimes regardless how expensive it is...just go KAPUT, I know I have purchased many.
  • meh. It's $150....might as well.
  • Here is the link→
  • It's a good low end monitor but before you buy, check to see if your OS supports it. It will probably come with XP and Win 2000 drivers and OSX will always work however if you're running Vista or Linux you might want to check the Acer site first to see if there are proper drivers for it. Hope this helps.
  • Acer is fine, but you probably get what you pay for
  • It sounds like a good deal. shows 455 reviews with a average rating of 5.

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