• It is not diffficult for me to be friendly!
  • I don't! But if I ever did it would be because I felt like it was worth my time.
  • I'm happy for those people. If I can't relate, or don't know that person well enough I do not participate.
  • Because people did it for me, it felt good to know that people had noticed :-) So I do it for others :-)
  • a simple exchange of friendly helpful info.
  • g'day Freddy, Thank you for your question. Because it makes other people feel a bit special and helps build community spirit. That is certainly worth doing. Regards
  • This is a good question. Honestly, i don't answer them and think of it as a waste of time and space. This of course is my own opinion. Others, tend to differ from mine.
  • I don't usually answer them.
  • I only answer them when it is someone I actually know pretty well. And well, I won't lie its a good way to get tons of empty points.
  • I like them.
  • I answer those that interest me, those with people I care about or am reaching out to be friendly and want them to fee l welcomed.
  • It's simply a friendly gesture! Many have been kind enough to congratulate me, so I think it's only kind to return the favor!
  • It's one way I can thank people for helping make AnswerBag the best site on the internet, and hopefully to encourage them to continue to participate. I find it encouraging when I am the subject of the congrats, as well. And I would do it even if the congratulation category was a no-point category. I think it is a fine service of this interactive site.
  • Because everyone else is. It's kinda like bandwagon
  • Congratulate = to express pleasure and joy to a person at a happy event or success. It is nice to be noticed and to notice others for time spent on AB, contributions to AB, and any other achievements in life. Throughout life we congratulate friends, family, co-workers for their successes. Why should it be any different congratulate friends and co-members on Answerbag? If it wasn't for the community-like feel I've experienced from this site... I wouldn't have stayed this long. Congratulating somebody on making it to a new level, having an anniversary, celebrating a life event are just as valid and joyful on Answerbag. Congratulation questions are like throwing a party for that person... making them feel special, showing them that we appreciate them, and helping to spread that community feel. To be brutally honest... If you don't like them, either ignore them or remove the stick from your asses and join in. ;)
  • I do it because its what makes AB the family it is .. a friendly place to be and to say 'well done' to others that have passed a milestone here on AB and its shows the person(s) that they are appreciated by other ABers , and that can only be a good thing all round
  • Because they are congratulating someone I've come to know and like and become friends with. And a lot of them have done the same for me. And, because my momma done learned me some manners!
  • To show i care!
  • To be nice, and friendly.
  • I remember how excited I was when I leveled up and I assume they feel the same way. So I'm happy for them and think it's a nice gesture.
  • To let them know their work is noticed: and to help keep this the great site it is.
  • For the valuable prizes.
  • Because it's the nice thing to do :)
  • well I think everyone deserves a pat on the back from time to time .. I congratulate my son for going in his potty. It helps him to feel better about the things he is learning and doing. The same can translate over to this site. Often people will point out your flaws before they notice your achievements. If I see any of my friends being congratulated, I'll run in with bells on. and I'll even throw out one for someone I never met just to break the ice.
  • Be brually honest? This is simple! I do it for friends I really care about and I do it because they deserve a celebration... If you have people in your life who you care about then I am sure you can comprehend it. My reasons do not have a thing to do with points.... what good are they? They wont sell on ebay so screw the points..
  • Generally to congratulate.

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