• From the Dictionary of American Slang (1960): : : "Holy cow!" . . . Equiv. to "Holy cats!" both being euphemisms for "Holy Christ!" . . . Although this term is considered to be very popular among teenagers, no self-respecting, red-blooded teenager would dare use such a weak oath. It is, however, the common oath and popular exclam. put into the mouth of teenagers by all script writers, and is universally heard on radio, television, and in movies. It was first popularized by the "Corliss Archer" series of short stories, television programs, and movies, which attempted to show the humorous, homey side of teenage life.
  • Has more to do with the worship of "Brahma" (sp) of the Hindus. (However the cow as a sacred symbol is ubiquitous among the ancient cultures during the age of Tarus.)
  • I though that phrase came from India.

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