• I think they should call first. I wouldn't say failing to do so is rude, I think it falls more into the inconsiderate category.
  • G'day Peterpam, Thanks for your question. I personally would call first. You might be out or preparing to go out or doing something that you would prefer to do in private. It is thoughtless rather than rude but it is something that could be annoying. Regards
  • i don't mind if they drop by :) as long as they don't intend to stay for too long if im busy :)
  • I always call before dropping by, but don't mind if people drop by my place without calling first. Come on over! Reminds me of a time my buddy crept into my house from my open patio window. I was in the kitchen. Then he called me on my cell phone and asked me what I was up to. I said I was chillin' and that's when he snuck up behind me and scared the Jesus out of me! While I was on the phone with him! To this day he claims he has never seen fear in anybodies eyes the way it radiated from mine.
  • It depends on who it is. My boyfriend and my close friends are free to stop by anytime. Past that, I doubt anyone else knows where my house is, therefore they would have to call.
  • Ah yes, the dreaded 'drop in'. We've got (ex) friends that abused this privilege. Dropping in for a quick hello is one thing, but moving in for the afternoon, assuming you've got nothing better to do but entertain them is another.
  • I don't like suprise visits.It iterrrupts whatever I am trying to accomplish.I always call before I drop by someone's house.
  • Not if it's my wife or niece who are doing the dropping. Otherwise, I prefer an email because it's the least intrusive. :p
  • drop by anytime but, if i am busy hopefully you will just excuse yourself and leave
  • I'm really annoyed by people who just stop by and I make this clear to my circle... After all, what is rudeness but inconsideration of those around you? Besides, you never know what I'm wearing/not wearing in the privacy of my own home... call first, please! ---Max, with many male friends and no desire to wear boulder holder on the couch!---
  • nope. i do it sometimes. people are always happy to see me.
  • I love it when my friends stop by randomly without warning; and they all know the risk of having to leave if im too busy (which is rare) and don't take it personally.
  • I find it rude, and annoying only if the Drop-in is "SOMEONE" who doesn't care for drop-ins themselves!My Brother and his Wife live a bit a way. But when they are in the "area" they will pop in! They would just Crap thier pants if I "Dropped by". btw They only invite us to thier yard once a year. I have friendly Neighbors and close friends that can drop by at reasonable time, because I know I can go to them too. So that's cool. So, My Brothers Wife dropped-by yesterday, I did not offer her anything, and I didn't let her think I was happy that she came by. she left!;) Why should I feel obligated?
  • It's rude not to call first.
  • My close friends are welcome anytime. They know my hours and respect them, so they would not show up at bad times. If one should show up at bad time, then something is going on in their lives and they need me, so again they are welcome. Anyone else had better call first. I will ignore door knocking after looking through the window to see who it is.
  • Yes, it's rude to just drop by. You are surprising them and that isn't fair to them. Calling is nice, but that doesn't mean they HAVE TO accept your visit then either. YOU are interjecting on THEIR TIME. That's not "friend" behavior when they have to accommadate YOU at the expense of their family or life. And don't be surprised if they end the friendship with you one likes a clinging vine.
  • I don't think it's rude. For years I didn't have a phone, so no one could call ahead.
  • depends on why they dropped over, what i find really rude is when friends never drop over , ever, like where i live in an apt building people are always knocking on each others doors but never mine and ive been there over 5 yrs, i find that really rude
  • It would be better if they would call. But they don't always have that option. My daughter did that very thing today I was very happy to see her but it would have been better if I'd have been awake and dressed when she knocked on my bedroom window!
  • I think lack of communicating of what one prefers as far as 'dropping by' is is just as rude as offending with what one does or does not do.. If requested that a phone call be given, then the lack of respect to the request is what would be 'rude'.
  • it depends on what youre doing, i wish people would drop by, noone ever does and it makes me feel lonely cause of it
    • Joreta Cherry
      no one
  • i think its even more rude to never drop by to be honest
  • i wouldnt mind if people did that, noone seems to want to visit me
  • Now that virtually everyone has a telephone (we didn't in our childhood) it is wise to check that someone will be happy to have you call around. It could be terribly inconvenient and, if they called, that could cause you to miss a bus or train or whatever it was that you were just about to do.
  • Visitors should always telephone first
  • Call or text first. It is the smart way to communicate, rather than have someone come over and I am not home.
  • It's definitely rude UNLESS you've given the person a "standing invitation" to "drop by whenever you like".

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