• You could do one-armed, seated butterflies. Lay on your back and grab a dumbbell with your weaker side. Slowly lower the dumbbell to your side (arm extended, chest level), but do not go lower than your chest. Then slowly raise the dumbbell to a point above your chest (arm still extended). Then repeat.
  • You work out, right? When you do your chest workouts, use dumbbells, and always do the same number of reps on both sides. If you work the muscles individually, work the weak side first, then the strong side. That'll let the smaller side catch up. Another thing to watch out for is when your doing bar excercises, like bench press. It's really easy to rely on the stronger side of your body to do most of the work. Try to be aware of that, and maintain a more balanced form. Most guys have that problem when they try to max out every time they work out. Back off the weight a little, and focus on making the weak side do more work...
  • If you are left handed, it will be quite typical,
  • Great feedback, thanks alot! One more thing will it take long for my right side to catch up to my left?

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