• Probably. But I bet it is illegal for them to BUY smoking materials such as cigarettes. So this gets at the main point (banning smoking for minors) without legislating that particular activity.
  • No, the legal smoking age in Pennsylvania is 18. You also must be 18 to buy tobacco products.
  • Its 18 everywhere >:(
  • Having watched a friend of the family suffer and die from emphysema, I say you kids out there never can start smoking too early!!! The friend had this awful cough and we expected a slab of his lung to come flying out. If you're younger, you could cough that piece of lung out a greater distance, perhaps even in an arc! It could become an Olympic sport. So smoke 'em if you have 'em, kids! I have my lung-catching mitt on! Here's a picture of what I'll catch when you're ready to play:
  • i dont think so

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