• My daughter and my son My friends My career My health
  • 1. Friends 2. Sisters 3. I'll be 18 in two days 4. I'll be getting my frickin' license within a week to two weeks 5. GETTING NIPPLES PIERCED!!! The ladies LOVE it. Well, at my school anyway
  • 1~I have great kids 2~I have great friends on AB 3~I have a job I like and am good at 4~My cat is pregnant 5~Hubby is taking me out tonight... oh...and hubby too! :D
  • - I'm alive - I have food to eat - I'm at work- which means I have a job - My family - and school- which means I'll have a good future :)
  • 1. The sun is shining 2. That I removed the mean note I had left on someone's car who had undoubtedly hit my car many times squeezing into the spot, thus not bringing negativity into their day! 3. I am going to make a tasty meat sauce for dinner 4. I have a 3rd interview, which means I might have a job soon. 5. Compassionate new people that have entered my life. Great question, Misstarrie. It is always fun to write down the things bringing joy to your life!
  • 1: I have a great fiancé 2: I'm employed in a job with decent pay 3: I'm healthy 4: I just ordered my wedding dress last weekend (very excited!) 5: I get to go hang out with my friend tonight.
  • a roof over my head my cat and fish my jimmy my friends and family
  • 1. The day's coming to an end. 2. I am going home in a few. 3. My coffee is waiting . 4. Meet my friends way home . 5. Wait for that special person to IM me tonight :-)
  • 1. Husband 2. Children - 3 boys 3. Parents are healthy and happy 4. Employed at a great job 5. Have a house to go home to shortly
  • 1. There is a God (my belief in that) 2. He has blessed me and my family with another day (life) 3. My family 4. My personal freedom at this point in life (financially, spiritually, emotionally) 5. My upcoming venture to a new world and life in the Middle East (a chance to share and learn about a whole new world)
  • 1. Life and Health 2. Freedom from repetitive negative thoughts that lasted for years and made me miserable(thank you Ekhart Tolle!) 3. The wonderful people and animals in my life 4. An awesome job after two years of a bad one! 5. Renewed energy and a feeling of lightness
  • 1. It's a good breathing day. ( I have C.O.P.D. ) 2. My husband. 3. My family...and friends. 4. I found my pink nail polish I thought was thrown away. 5. I don't have to cook dinner.
  • That's sweet!
  • Me Myself I Food Sleep. ^_^
  • 1. Family 2. Friends 3. My health 4. My dogs 5. Lips are sealed, but I am very happy about it
  • My husband has a new job. I've got more free time. Our health is pretty good right now. Spring is in the air and everything is blooming, growing and courting. My MIL is doing rather well at the moment.
  • its time to go home I plenty of money my 4 cats my best friend gas tank if full
  • 1.Porposing to my girlfreind these weekend 2.Happy hour after work 3.Life 4.Food 5.A bong hit
  • 1) I'm moving into a better/cheaper place soon. 2) I have an exciting academic conference later this week. 3) I'm going to Hawaii in slightly over a week. 4) My material/monetary needs are largely met for the next few months. 5) I have some of the greatest friends a person could ever hope to have. 5a) My sense of humor is almost irrepressible....;-D.. . . .
  • 1. Summer break 2. I'm healthy and so is my family 3. My friends and being able to talk to them in the summer 4. My sources of entertainment 5. The nice weather
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  • Did it work?
  • 1.My life 2.My children. 3.My man. 4.Family - all family 5.Love I recieve from family 6.Abolute health 7.Great riches
  • College is over for the summer!! Im working loads so i have money to party! One and a half months till oxegen! 2 months till volenteering hoilday! And a hot guy smiled at me 2day!

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