• Life is easier before kids but not better.
  • I guess after having kids gives a new meaning to life ... I guess :-) !
  • I'm hoping after they are gone. I love them dearly but I need to rest!
  • Life is better after.......they've grown up.
  • I like life before and after kids ,but I love the fact I have children so my family can continue to grow.
  • I found life better after having kids. I was always happy and I always enjoyed life, but when my daughter was born, she opened up a whole new world for me.
  • Theres goodness in both
  • Who's going to brave enough to say "before having kids". I'm not going to answer this one, because I don't have any. I could only imagine the "joys and tribulations" of motherhood.
  • Its all how you take it. Life after kids would be having more committments and responsibilities
  • I was totally miserable before I had my first baby. I was so depressed, I wanted to commit suicide to punish my family for not even noticing how awful I felt. When they handed me that perfect, sweet, innocent little boy in the hospital, I resolved to be the best Mother ever, and my entire life changed for the better. Even when I lost his father a few months later, I could only feel lucky I had such a darling son to be there for.
  • When days are too crammed with stress and assignments and I have a hard time getting out of bed, I think of my daughter and the sun comes out.
  • It's not better one way or the other but it is different. People make so much about the life-altering aspects of having kids but you know what? All the life-altering stuff, the having someone you are responsible for stuff? That's not really such a huge thing. It seems very natural. What is remarkable is how very fleeting the experience of children is. Their childhoods are brief. The time they are utterly dependent on you is almost nothing in the span of either your life or theirs. So I don't see it as a realistic thing to complain about the loss of freedom. It's a few lousy years before they cast you off and head out to make their mark. ENJOY those years. Do them right by paying attention to those years and enjoying them. You can't hit pause or rewind and won't you feel silly complaining you needed to go out for martinis when you have the rest of your empty life to do those things. Just a perspective.
  • Different. Easier before, but you don't know the love you can have for your kids when you are "child-free". Harder after, but some of your old life is still there - but you do lose a lot of the things you loved. 2 observations: a) In Australia, the government promotes having families, but the media showcase a child-free world. Our birthrate is rising, but still not at replacement levels (which from a sustainability point of view, is not such a bad thing) b) That hormone trick that nature pulls where the woman HAS to have a baby NOW is pretty hard to resist.
  • Life is better without having them.
  • For me - definately, after having kids. Although, I see a lot of parents yelling at their kids - or ignoring them while they yap away at their cell phones (ha, I can HEAR my AB score plummet as I type) and it makes me wonder why bother having kids in the first place if you're gonna yell or just ignore them?
  • I have 3 boys and I have to say my life was better after I had them. They are incredible and fun to be around!!! I would be nothing without my boys!
  • Before. It depends on how much money you make and if you are satisfied with your career. If you are financially stable have a good job, then you have more room to have kids without the other stresses that make you want to say, "F*ck this...".
  • i dont know if life is better either way, but very diffirent. before kids i think most young adults are i bit selfish or selfcentered. you look out for yourself and try to advance yourslef in life. but once you have a family or kids its not all obout you anymore you now have this beautiful baby to take care of and your life becomes about the baby instead of yourself. so niether lifes are better just different

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