• You can give your child whatever name you want. Please consider the ramifications of whatever name you choose.
  • Yes, you can choose your child's name. However, it's always best if the father agrees to this anyway, because it sounds like you're trying to break up and use the name to keep the child, which won't work.
  • If you are not married to this man, there is no reason for the child to have his name. There are lots of things that YOU have control of in the hospital. The name is one of them. You can name your child John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmit if you wanted to.
  • Yes. You can even give the child a surname that isn't your name and isn't the fathers name. You could choose a totally random one put of the phonebook, in fact.
  • When I had my children before I married, they automatically were given my last name in the hospital and covered under my medical coverage. Us woman and children are not property of men anymore, we do not have to change our names to his to show that we belong to them.
  • yes.. you can give the child your last name.. i got my mothers last name even though my dad signed the cirtificate..
  • My children have both last names....

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