• They will make a Green Nascar.
  • Money.
  • Because GWB needs a reason to live.
  • It's profitable. And that is true America for you. We could be flying directly into the fires of Hell but as long as someone's making a profit from it, no one will bat an eye.
  • Why does Al Gore still exist?
  • Not everyone wants to be green. Some just want to go fast.
  • not to stereotype America, it any surprise that during a huge fuel crisis, huge fuel burning sports continue to be the most popular? C'mon? Can anyone logically say that conservation is anywhere in the grand mosaic of what the US is? No, consume. Consume, consume, consume. If it's not gasoline, it's sugar. If it's not sugar it's trans fats. If it's not trans fats it sodium...and on and on...Not just the US either, just to save my ass even a little bit. However..if the shoe the papers, watch the news, see the health reports.
  • G'day Megaman-man, Thank you for your question. Because people enjoy it just as they enjoy motorsports throughout the world. Regards
  • I don't know.......why are you still driving to work? Probably the same reason.
  • Five years from now you will talk fondly of the good-ol-days when gas was four dollars a gallon. Gas is now over nine dollars a gallon in Holland. Being "green" is the latest Hollywood fad. Twenty years ago it was "fur".
  • NASCAR cars get about 200 miles per gallon. they are all experimental and the race is just a way to test them out and sell a few peanut bags in the process. You didn't think they were normal stock cars did you? Look at the paint jobs. Those cars are special.
  • Nobody has established that americans want to be green about evrything,However I will say that like any other human indulgence,it is entertaining and profitable to some.americans have the right to express and indulge themselves almost any way they choose until it is decided by a concensus of voters and elected officials that the practice should end.why do people continue to eat cheese when bovine flatulence contributes to global warming?How can we continue to eat vegatable matter when farms displace innocent animals?We all have different priorities.
  • For the entertainment
  • Because it is a business and people love the excitement of the sport/business!
  • I dunno, why does Al Gore fly around in a very fuel inefficient jet to go to social functions?
  • You can't put all the blame on NASCAR. There are hundreds if not thousands or car racing series's in this country and around the world.
  • Bill France's comment yesterday (11/9) was that NASCAR will survive even if Ford and GM and Chrysler don't is scary--does that mean NASCAR will now run Honda and Yugo??
  • since when does america want to be "green"?
  • gas is running out, true but big oil is like a dinosaur, it may be disemboweled but it's not going to lay down and die until it doesn't have a choice. thats why, even though there are GOOD, working, electric car designs those cars are being suppressed so the oil companies can milk ever last drop of crude on earth. as long as big oil has the money to bribe government officials, they are going to keep living in denial. and as long as they keep pushing gas, Nascar will continue to be run, it is a major ad source and keeps the low brows occupied
  • What happens when being green is bigger business than nascar or any sport industry for that matter?
  • People want to watch others turn left repeatedly. Duh!
  • Picture the stereotypical NASCAR fan, do they look like the type who is worried about being 'green'? The cost of gas won't affect much, they'll just pass on the price difference to the tickets and concessions.
  • Better yet, Why is America still engaging in unjust wars on foreign nations?? The military and wars are a greater opponent to being "Green" than anything! And I just read this interesting article saying The Obama Inauguration celebration will bring half a billion pounds of CO2.
  • Because the reality is most of us could really give a shit about all the "Green" bullshit. It is more hype than anything and more about the wacko's creating cottage industries around the myth of global warming.
  • Nascar makes green

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