• I think a troll is someone who downrates others for no reason.
  • Prior to using it "incorrectly" on AB, I used (and in speech -still use) "trolling" to mean: Wandering around to see what you can find. -which would be based on "trolling" from a boat by dragging a lure through the water, and wandering the lake.
  • Trolling (as used on Answerbag only) is typically when a user gives another user several unjustified downrates to questions and answers. There are several types of AB Trolls: The Common Troll = This type of troll fits the most common definition of trolling. The Common Troll goes through another user's account activity with intentions to damage that user's percentages and pride through downrates and sometimes with malicious comments. The Hater Troll = Trolling can also be instigated by dislike for another user. The troll will downrate a contribution by a certain Answerbagger anytime he/she comes across a question or answer posted by that person. The Cheater Troll = Another form of Trolling is when a person will downrate other users just to get their answers to become the "Top Answer" to a particular question. The Anti-Congratulations Troll = Some users do not appreciate questions or announcements that congratulate other users for their contributions to AB or their achievements in life. These users will downrate questions and/or answers to these types of posts. The Closed-minded Troll = These users will downrate perfectly legitimate opinion based answers just because their opinions are not the same. These trolls tend to be ignorant and arrogant people who do not value other people's opinions or views. The exceptions to the general definition are as follows: The Reverse Troll = This type of troll could be annoying but is typically harmless. With this type of trolling, a user will see that another user, of whom they are not very fond of, has an answer that has made it to the "Top Answer" or high up on the first page. The Reverse Troll will then uprate all other answers except the one posted by this particular person to knock it out of the "Top Answer" spot or possibly even move it off the front page. The Baiter Troll = The Baiter Troll thrives on controversy. They deliberately post aggravating questions, answers, and comments with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response. They will typically use their downrate ability, but their main goal is to disrupt some users' normal routines and comfort levels on the site. The Mindless Zombie Troll (aka Goon) = These users are not actually trolls, but should also be noticed and added to the list. Goons typically are manipulated by another user, and influenced by lies, rumors, and misconceptions from another user who fits into one of the other troll categories. They blindly follow the lead of this higher level troll and downrate the questions and answers that they are told to. Once they realize that they are being manipulated, the spell is broken and they usually revert back to decent, respectable Answerbaggers. The Posi-Troll = This type of troll is usually welcomed by the community. A Posi-Troll will go through another users account and uprate worthy contributions. They may look for questions or answers that were left with a negative point total and try to counteract the work done by a more malicious troll. I hope this helps. :)
  • Hard to improve on Jay Was Here's answer, but a troll to me is someone who methodically goes through a user's account or stalks them on the site downrating every question or answer they can find.
  • Trolls are vile, worthless little creatures that can't find enjoyment unless they're negatively affecting others. In school, they'd be called bullies. They're the same type of person, but just on the internet. The most primitive and cowardly are downrate trolls. Some people assume that anyone who downrates is a troll, or that to downrate without commenting is trolling. While it's true that most trolls would downrate, that doesn't necessarily mean that all downraters are trolls. It would require downrating all(most) of a user's questions/answers, downrating all questions/answers in a certain category, or some other form of methodological messing with points. Then there's your (slightly) more advanced troll. They bait people and argue for the sake of argument, and generally stick to areas that contain ideals they disagree with (i.e., religion, politics, GLBT). It's likely they think themselves clever for using whichever simple tactics they use, and nothing brightens up their day like seeing someone get upset. If you find a troll like this, ignore them. That's the most effective counter-measure. "Please Do Not Feed The Trolls".
  • Trolling ,originally and correctly used in online public forums, such as the bag, is posting intentionally incorrect, outrageous, outlandish, or sometimes controversial questions, answers, comments, opinions, etc. just to get a, usually, emotional, reaction from unsuspecting users. It relates to the angling term since it is basically pulling bait thru the waters to see if a sucker will bite. Trolling can be truly malevelant or mereley obnoxious or even humorous, depending on the,place, intent and the reaction(s.) I respectfully disagree with Nitro's def. "Wandering around to see what you can find." That is browsing, web-browsing in general or bag-browsing specifically, it is more passive than trolling. Trolling is actively 'baiting' to get a response. I also disagree with the and jay. Intentionally down rating people for no reasons unrelated to the information, ie. for personal or 'no reason' is more akin to flaming. It is truly malevelant in nature. Perhaps there is another term more appropriate for just causing general aggrivation, but I am not really up on Net-lingo or web-speak. Perhaps these down raters are 'moths' eating holes in the bag? A person who flames is a flamer; trolling is not done by trollers but by trolls. Probably because of resemblance, in the name and action of the usually malevelant creature that lurks in concealment, under a bridge, behind rocks, then jumps out at it's unsuspecting victim, 'Aha! Gotcha!' Mebbee Jay's 'Reverse-Troll and 'Posi-troll' are gnomes or elves. Basically benign creatures, whose actions sometimes result in benefits, sometimes cause relativly minor problems for others; especially if something about the other has pleased or displeased them. And that's why I think you are total idjit's! The real question should have been...Do you think every one who asks dumb questions or disagrees with me should be tossed from the bag? Especially Jen? Oh... sorry that was a flame and a trolling, a flaming troll, I never can get those to work, every time I put the bait in the water, the fire goes out. When the do work, some ogre responds and really puts me in my place. Hmmm, 'ogre' could that be an 'enemy' that responds with a down rating, Jay's 'Hater-Troll', especially if there is also a malevelant insulting comment or answer?

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