• Over here in ASDA(Walmart).Cheaper products more often than not actually taste better
  • I am pro-Wam'mart yet I'm not con-cheaper products too. They all tasts same 99%proportionally!
  • The Wal-Mart (Sam's Choice or Great Value) products are usually as good if not better than comparable brand names.
  • Great Value usually infers poorer quality.
  • Considering the recent product recalls on anything from China, and knowing that WalMart buys a lot from China, I am afraid to buy any packaged food from WalMart. In the past I have found about 50% of the lower price packaged foods were comparable to the higher priced brand named products.
  • We buy certain Great Value products from Wal Mart. There are several cereals right next to the brand name cereals that taste exactly the same. My theory is that they are made by General Mills under contract to Wal Mart as it is usually pretty easy to taste the difference between name prands and store brand cereals. We buy a lot of cereal and so far so good and the savings are considerable. We are also vey picky about our tea. We have bought Lipton for over 35 years distaining Red Rose and Salada. The other day we purchased the Great Value tea at a savings of 1.21 for 100 tea bags. That has to be packaged by Lipton.
  • Sometimes the great-vaule brand is better on taste. It sad to say that great-vaule price is getting to be as close as the name prices!!. So I purpose this question is sometimes great-vaule really a great -vaule ? Thanks
  • Although most of the time I find the Great Value products comparable, I bought their Vanilla Creme Wafers recently and these were awful! After one bite I could taste the fat (shortening) on the roof of my mouth. Yuk! So bad I gave the whole package to the chickens.
  • I wish I could enjoy the wonderful taste of the great value fat free milk, because it tastes just like whole milk. It's that same rich creamy taste that isn't watered down like fat free milk is. If Great Value actually pulled off making a fat free milk that taste like whole milk, then kudos to them, but the sceptic in me worries about being scammed and I just can't seem to drink it, for worry of actually drinking whole milk that was sold as fat free milk. Has anyone else tasted the great value fat free milk and what do you think of the taste? Do you think it tastes more fattening that fat free?
    • CurdledPlastic
      It is still fat free. That richness you are tasting is the polymer chains genetically engineered into every Walmart Cow™.
  • I have a problem with the Great Value freezer bags I bought. They were all sealed properly and I packaged about a months worth of meat, probably more. It is ALL freezer burnt, these bags suck so bad.
  • Not at all. In fact, some generic items are made in the same factory with the name brand ones. The only difference is in the label. With that said, I have tried a few GV products that weren't so great (i.e., their mayonnaise. It's nasty. Don't buy it). But for the most part, there's not a big difference in taste between the generic and name brand items.
  • Buyer beware. Check out the nutritional value of many of these products, like their frosted flakes and fruit o type cereals - both of which contain 0 fibre and more sugar compared with the name brands, which, granted these cereals are nothing but junk food anyway, have at least 1 gram. No fibre means the flour/grain product used in these ceeals is from the bottom of the food chain for grain products and provide little if any nutrients. Looking at many of their other labels you can see an big/higher difference in salt, sugar, or fat. Meaning - some of these products may be cheaper, but they are the least nutritional foods you can buy. As they say - you get what you pay for. I certainly wouldn't buy any of them. And I haven't even mentioned their ingredients list.
  • bargain products are fine, but in the case of Walmart, I would rather pay an extra 30 cents or more for a name brand product. I do buy some items at Walmart, but never that garbage Great Value, I would rather support products from the U.S. than give my money to china. All Walmart is trying to do is corner the market and put as many companies out of business as possible. If you want to buy inferior products, keep buying Walmart (china) products.

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