• Absolutely, have you seen a doctor. It will take a little time for it to pass unless it was a serious injury.
  • absolutely, depending on if it is upper or lower you could have a dislocated disk, which is just one of many possibilities if you have not yet seen a doctor i would highly recommend it......
  • Back pain is not normally associated with the shortness of breath, but rather the rib cage. Usually this happens in car accidents. Twisting and compression through the rib cage from the seat belt often leads to shoulder pain, indigestion, heartburn, gall bladder problems, and chest complaints (pain or shortness of breath). So it sounds like there may be a problem surrounding this area also!
  • I will have my doctor check on this tomorrow
  • Not unless you damaged something other than your back.
  • Well it could be pinched nerve, I also believe there is a chart of humans back that lets you pinpoint what nerves are to what.
  • Yes. I have a pinched nerve in my neck, and I experience shortness of breath because of it. The reason I know it is caused by this, well when I go to the chiropractor and he relieves the pressure of the disk on that nerve, it relieves the shortness of breath. When my disk goes back "out," the shortness of breath comes back.

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