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  • There's a saying: There's a lid for every pot. So I would say everyone has at least one fetish -- that is, at least one thing that turns them "on". We must all have this, as the "urge to survive" (by procreation) is a fundamental primal urge of all life forms.
  • Everything is possible when it comes to sexuality. If having a fetish is normal, it is equally as normal to not have a fetish. It is all seen as equal in the great scheme of the universe.
  • Nietzche said that "mans purpose is to assert his power". (a little different then just survival) Fetishes can come from the desire to change ones environment - to change other people - to experience domination or submission. Personally I have a fondness for unsolvable problems or from James Joyce "anything not natural". Examples: desperation to pee, the beatiful blond with dirty underwear, lesbians, doing it in public, libraries (a woman reading is a huge turn on - but combining that with sex has not been easy.) Everyone has their favorite problems that they obsess over - to me thats a fetish - I prefer the term kink. There could be people that never get turned on though.
  • i dont have a least i dont think i yeah... i think it is possible to not have a fetish...or maybe im just not normal.
  • Fetish is kinda subjective, when you say fetish some people automatically think of something weird or sick, out of norm, but it's anything you're fixated on for arousal. Something common like big boobs for example, is a fetish or can be. My #1 is pantyhose among many others :)

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