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  • Genital warts and herpes are both Sexually Transmitted Diseases...the key word being 'Sexually'. Being that you are a virgin, it is HIGHLY unlikely that you have developed a case of genital warts or herpes. There is a common myth that you can contract such diseases from public toilets, though I've yet to actually hear of someone actually contracing an STD in such a way. Keep in mind that these things work in mysterious ways...its not totally impossible that you have somehow contracted herpes or with an infected person perhaps. If you think that you have either herpes or warts, check with a doctor immediately. Its not likely that you have them, but look out for these symptoms. -severe pain, itching or burning at the site of the bump -clustering (the bump breaks and spreads) -painful, itching or burning urination (strongly indicative of growth inside the urethra) -unusual penile discharges -oozing from the bump -persistent fever, body ache and nausea Herpes lumps will look similar to cold sores or 'fever sores' that people often get on their lips, which is a form of Herpes. Warts will look like large skin growths and will likely spread without treatment. If you notice spreading inform your doctor immediately. Remember, as I stated earlier, being that you are a virgin it is HIGHLY unlikely you have contracted either of these diseases. What you may be experiencing is instead on of these: Pimple: Pimples grow anywhere on the body where pores have been obstructed and filled with oils. This can include the actual penis shaft itself. DON'T pop it...let it go down on its own, and if it isn't irritating you then leave it be. But still, if the bump looks suspicious, have it examined. Update: I've found out from my doctor that frequent masturbation causes pimple growth in the genital region, ESPECIALLY if you use a lubricant and fail to properly clean up afterward. The friction and sweating also causes build up in the pores which will eventually cause a pimple to form. Be gentle on it, don't pop it, and use pimple-fighting creams sparingly. DO NOT masturbate or have sex since the motion will severely irritate the pimple, and the last thing you need is the pimple becoming so painful you can't even walk. The pimple may take several weeks to go away, and you should abstain from masturbation for at least a month afterward to prevent a recurrence of the pimple growth. In-grown hair: Yes, you can have ingrown hairs on the penis. Most hair growth on the male genital region continues on the testicles and can grow on the actual penis itself. Hairs will usually NOT grow above the area where the skin on the shaft meets the scrotum. If you have the bump above that point, it is likely to be a pimple or other ailment. Friction burn/rubbing blister: If you masturbate, what can happen over time is the frequent rubbing against the skin will develop into a sore or blister. Even if you use a lubricant, the skin can become irritated and develop into a sore. This is a VERY common result of masturbation. In fact, many water-based lubricants can exacerbate the rubbing blister's growth, and it can also cause pimples due to the oils in it that make it slick or thick. Oil-based lubricants are known for this. However, dry masturbation is much more likely to cause a blister. What may also happen is 'dry humping' (thrusting and humping fully clothed) can cause these rubbing-blisters also. Masturbation and erections while fully clothed can cause this too, especially if you are wearing briefs rather than boxers. If you have this bump on the side or underside of the penis, chances are you've developed a rub-blister. Any kind of bump or abnormality on the genitals is always a cause for alarm, but if you have never had sex and haven't come into contact with someone lately who has either of those diseases, then its highly unlikely that you just developed it on your own. Regardless, if it is really bothering you, see the doctor right away. If you aren't having the symptoms of Warts or Herpes aside from the solitary bump, then you are probably experiencing one of the minor ailments I described. Just remember that characteristically, warts or herpes will usually always be more than a solitary bump...they will quickly cluster shortly after initially appearing. Give it a few days and if it doesn't go away, see a doctor.
  • unless your mom has herpes, it's probably just a pimple
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  • if you came into contact with another infected person and had their flesh or mouth come into contact with your penis, they could have passed on the std, if they were infected with the virus. Skin to skin STD's are out there. ----------------------- 5 Skin-Transmitted STDs Condoms Can't Always Protect You From 1. Herpes 2. Human Papillomavirus 3. Crabs, aka Pubic Lice 4. Scabies 5. Molluscum Contagiosum Genital herpes, syphilis, and human papillomavirus (HPV) are most often spread through genital skin-to-skin contact.

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