• I don't know how USPS works but in Britain the price of the stamps goes up as well. We do sell stamps with 1st or 2nd on them though, instead of the price, so if you buy them you can use them even if the price of postage goes up
  • You don't really have a choice, unless you have the "forever" stamps.
  • No. Where I live you can buy first class stamps at whatever price they are there and they will always be good. So if i buy a bunch of stamps that are 30 cents.. and then the price raises to 32 cents.. i can still use the stamps i bought for 30 cents. They dont have the prices printed on the stamps. Just pictures and it says 'first class' ~+~
  • We have Permanent™ stamps. They are good for first class postage anytime regardless of the current price.

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