• Yep ...Is there an option :-) !
  • Yes, for those loan people are dead serious about those collection and credit agencies!
  • As little as i possibly have to!
  • If I were the bread-winner and Im not interested in doing my own business, then I have to be very serious about my job and I dont have second thought on it. If I have options to choose, then I may not be serious about the Job. However, you have to be serious about whatever you are doing - whether it is job or business or studies. So, to me, I think I have to be serious about the job im doing even if I have options.
  • Yes, because even though it is low-paying, it helps me pay the bills and allows me to have some savings.
  • Why? What have you heard?
  • on friday? mildly... However, i have the life of others in my hands daily, and one hell of a country to defend. so, seriously, how serious can i be. (didnt think i was gonna say that, did ya?) out here, you cant take nothin to heart.
  • yes..i work at a shelter for women who are in violent situations and it's very serious work..
  • Not sure........but I take the money that they give very seriously.
  • Yes, I'm being paid to perform a role - it is not that hard to take it seriously. I find it weird that people don't take their work seriously. You can still have fun at work while performing your duties properly.
  • Yes, I have at all my jobs even the low-paying ones. However, I think if my job was paying exactly minimum wage I wouldn't. Because what they are saying, "we don't care about you and we'd pay you even less if it wasn't illegal." First words from a national chain if minimum wage was repealed: "How does 30 cents an hour sound? We think we're being MORE than generous!" ----- An existing business model: "Hey, you're fired! ha ha ha! Reason? No reason, even though every one of our employees has worked very hard for us, we fire 10% just for the heck of it! Good luck finding a job, expendable employeee number 6X456, Don't forget to write! ...Psych! Too bad you have a life... and kids to support, ha ha ha!!!! (throws money on ground) Here's some money for cabfare!" ~paraphrase of business philosophy from GE's Jack W.
  • Never, I just do it well though. I could care less what the customer wants. I just play along and feed their egos.
  • I always did, I loved my job. It was My job.
  • Yes, definitely.
  • Yes I do...I think I am a good Wife and Mom..I hope that;s considered a job.
  • I take care to undertake my duties to my best abillity but dont take it too seriously
  • I do if I wanna get paid.

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