• Anonomously, type an email note to this effect, make a copy(cut off any id) and place on your friends car, desk, mailbox, etc. Your friend will "get the message", you will have saved your frindship and the world, hopefully, will be a little better off.
  • I would encourage them to do something they are good at instead, or find a singing coach and say 'hey, I heard this singing coach is really good and [insert name of famous singer here] uses a singing coach all the time'. That would be a tactful way. I think you should only be honest to save them embarrasment (like if they wanted to sing in public) or if they ask you your honest opinion. If they are just singing for fun then why bother telling them at all? You'll just hurt their feelings.
  • Sit him/her down and go, sweetie, you know I love you, so I have to tell you something. You can't sing dahling. Much kinder than what my grandparents did when I was three, they said 'don't give up the day job.' Tuh!
  • Well try recording them when they don't know and in a day or to let them listen to it without them know mho it's is. they'll undouptfully ask who it is and than you let them know.
  • Do they really need to know? I mean, unless they want to take their skills public then there's no harm in letting them 'sing' to their hearts content. If they do want to go public, then just say jokingly 'keep your day job'. That is enough for some people to get the hint.
  • There are NO bad singers...only bad listeners. :D
  • 1-31-2017 They don't need to be told unless they are trying to make a living that way. In that case, "Don't quit the day job" is powerful advice but fairly easy to take. I once listened to a neighbor's tape and I didn't want to tell him it was lousy so I told him to find a new studio because that one had way too much echo. It turned out he had argued exactly that with his recording engineer! (I didn't know then that the echo was added in post production.)

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