• Not an answer but I wanted to say I am having the same problem. Can I ask where you purchased your system? Mine is a Game Stop Refurb unit. Have you found anything out about this?
  • I'm sorry we don't have the answer either but we have the same problem!! It looks as if the socket has sunk back into the housing and the small piece protrudes not allowing the connection to complete. If anyone has an answer please post!! We are considering taking the back off to see if we can hoik it out again!
  • I have found out there are 3 different types of plugs and ac adapters for the x-box 360. If you bought a refurb unit its a good chance you have had the wrong cord packaged with your unit. I have been told this is a very common problem with the refurbished units.
  • this probably happened because you have had a premium console's adapter but you have an arcade conesole. if you phone xbox support and tell them your problem then they will send you a new one, however, it costs about 10 dollars to ring them due to the duration of the call.
  • If the power cord doesn't fit into the xbox 360 this can be solved with the removal of a plastic piece in the input on the 360. Your cables are probably being blocked from this plastic piece in the middle of the input and if that's the case then you can take a pare of pliers and just pull it off, give it a little twist and should be removed no problem. Now here's the catch, that plastic piece is meant for the power cord to lock into place. If your cord isn't laying across the room where someone can walk across and accidently kick the cord out then there is no worries for removing it. A friend of mine had the same problem with an xbox I sold him and I removed the piece for him and it's worked ever since. Hope this helps Djgodfather69 <Gamertag>
  • maybe you should go to a computer place and ask them what you can put in there

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