• Oh look! He's already downrated my question!
  • try being a little nicer
  • i uprated it toeven it out
  • Back up from me, Admiral :) Sorry, but we really can't do anything but report them. Then hope that they stop and get a life.
  • I would be delighted to have my own pet troll, at the moment all I've got is my very own pet mole Ill uprate your answers to restore your rating, And hope the troll disappears, and that they haven't been mating
  • They're so sad, these kids - why they don't go and play in the traffic - er - snow/surf/sunshine like normal children is beyond me.. :( I've got one too but I just hope that when the holidays are over, they'll stop... Sorry, not very useful, Sir John, but I just wanted to offer my support - :) Using foul language if Out Of Order. I think I know who you mean, and you're not alone, BTW - sounds like the same moron who had a go at a friend the other day - lost all ability to use 'good' language so resorted to bad.
  • Don't worry. It's only points. How many do they keep taking away?
  • Just ignore him. I have at least four trolls myself, all of them high enough to give me -5. I also randomly get trolled by lower levels as well. I know who several of my trolls are, and when it is obvious through logical deduction and investigation that they were the ones logged on at the right time, I return the favor. Don't let trolls bug you.
  • kill them with kindness, if that does not work a type 3 taser with titanium darts will work wonders & is really cool to watch them jump/scream/craptherepants
  • Ignore the specific troll. Be diplomatic, thoughtful and helpful in all questions and answers and comments. Kill us with kindness.
  • havesexwiththem
  • Don't feed the trolls! Ignore! I've seen this happen before. People get trolls, and then, respond and lash out to this negative action. Understand that trolls act like this because the Internet is anonymous and no consequence is true. You can't "stand up to" a troll. It doesn't work that way. All you would actually be doing would be providing attention. Trolls thrive off of attention, even negative. The best way to lose your stalker is to just completely let it go. Sure, you can quietly report as these incidents are concerned. The staff does what they can. But, draw the line there. Know that your troll will be much more defeated when no response by you occurs.

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