• I think it does. Italian cooks use different types of pasta, not just for the artistic element, but because some sauces need to be "held" and some just cover. The same sauce used with the wrong pasta can make a big different. I know when we cook, (we are Italian-Australian) we have a consultation with the whole family as to what type of pasta will be used.
  • No the shape doesn't affect the flavor of the sauce. The noodles can be flavored though.
  • No - but it does affect how well the fork will pick it up. I choose shapes easy to spear. Being frustrated trying to get your food to stay on the fork long enough to get it to the mouth can affect how much you enjoy the dining experience.
    • Linda Joy
      But that's part of the fun! sometimes I choose to eat long spaghetti and ramen noodles with a spoon just for the fun of it! Lol in fact I think I'll have spaghetti for supper.

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