• I don't know any direct flights between PDX and CLT, but you can go via DFW or ORD. PDX to DFW is about 3:40 flying time, and DFW to CLT is about 2:30 flying time. Then there's sit time at DFW for your connection.
  • Is a great estimator and has PDX but not CLT. US airways through PHX makes total travel time about 5.5 hours
  • go to any travel or airlines site and you will be able to put in the airports and it will show you flight time. Just do it as non-stop or direct filghts...
  • 5 hours and it is a direct flight
  • and are good starts to find baseline airfares and will list flight times. As an example on way PDS-CLT Frontier 7:29 pm PDX-DEN-CLT@ 5:34 am (redeye) 7h 05m $144 book easily on KAYAK 0 $115

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