• Maybe he just doesn't want to get married again. I'm common-law largely because my partner simply doesn't care to get married again. Too much hassle and no real point.
    • Mircat
      Unless you are in one of 5 states or D.C. you're not common law.
  • OK, you've said how about this date and this venue, he says sounds cool. I would then book a place after I had suggested and he had basically approved it, then say 'i booked ' place ' for ' date ' 2009'. See if he's still 'cool' about it, if he freaks at least you'll know whats happening and you can always cancel.
  • I have the same situation with my fiance. He seldom brings up the marriage/wedding topic. I would suggest asking him why he doesnt give his opinions and what really is in his mind..he should open up and try to be understanding and dont hesitate to tell how u feel about it.
  • This all rests on your shoulders. How important to you is being married? If it's very important then have the date setting talk again and the minute he agrees to a date you start typing out your email announcement to family and friends and ask him who he wants it announced to. When he asks why you very nicely and happily reply you're sending an email to everybody telling them to save the date because the wedding is on. His response to that will pretty much indicate whether he meant it or not. And whether you should plough this relationship under. The other thing you can do is say that in 12 months from today the two of you will be married or you will be moving out. In 6 months bring in some packing boxes. Tell him you dont care if its in church, in a field or in city hall but there will be a marriage certificate or there won't be a girlfriend. If its not a big deal to you stop bringing it up and go on as you are. It's all up to you.

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