• It was Aristotle and that quote can be found in his books "Politics".
  • man is a political animal,what ideeas result from this quote of Aristotel, is valable for our days?
  • man is a political animal,what ideeas result from this quote of Aristotel, is valable for our days?
  • 1) "ζá¿·ον πολιτικὸν Zōon politikon Aristotle, Politics, book 1: ὁ ἄνθρωπος φύσει πολιτικὸν ζá¿·ον "Man is by nature a political animal", i.e. animal of the polis or social being" Source and further information: 2) "For what every being is in its most perfect state, that certainly is the nature of that being, whether it be a man, a horse, or a house: besides, whatsoever produces the final cause and the end which we [1253a] desire, must be best; but a government complete in itself is that final cause and what is best. Hence it is evident that a city is a natural production, and that man is naturally a political animal, and that whosoever is naturally and not accidentally unfit for society, must be either inferior or superior to man: thus the man in Homer, who is reviled for being "without society, without law, without family." Such a one must naturally be of a quarrelsome disposition, and as solitary as the birds. The gift of speech also evidently proves that man is a more social animal than the bees, or any of the herding cattle: for nature, as we say, does nothing in vain, and man is the only animal who enjoys it. Voice indeed, as being the token of pleasure and pain, is imparted to others also, and thus much their nature is capable of, to perceive pleasure and pain, and to impart these sensations to others; but it is by speech that we are enabled to express what is useful for us, and what is hurtful, and of course what is just and what is unjust: for in this particular man differs from other animals, that he alone has a perception of good and evil, of just and unjust, and it is a participation of these common sentiments which forms a family and a city." Source and further information:
  • In ” Politics,, Aristotle said: "Hence it is evident that the state is a creation of nature and that man by nature is a political animal." Aristotel’ s ideology consisting that a man is by nature a political animal, reveals that human beings are very much alike animals, both have needs and wants, but humans have been privileged with some other things that animals don’t have. Thus a human being can reason and communicate with others, therefore, has the potential to alter or change his living conditions for better, because he can recognize the difference from right or wrong .
  • "Politics" Makes sense, no?! ;-)

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