• I Do not care for BRIO. I believe it is a restaurant chain. It is overpriced and their food is not that great
  • Sorry I never been, but is it really that bad?
  • Isn't Uno's is the East Coast chain that is pizza centric? Worst place for me is Ruth Chris's Steak House. Supposed to be a great place for steaks, but I don't like meat. There is almost nothing I can eat at them.
  • Olive Garden, and Red Lobster
  • Applebee's makes me sick.
  • I think Denny's is the worst. The menu shows pictures of food you never see in front of you. the potatoes are terrible. the only nice thing is they have a decent counter to sit at and drink coffee during the wee hours of the morning. and not all of them have a counter.
  • IHOP is the worst that I've had for any attempted Asian entrees. What did you have at Uno's? Did that happen in NH?
  • Denny's vs McDonald's
  • Mcdonalds
  • Applebee's, they tried to get me to accept some burnt offerings they called ribs! I thought they were joking at first then I realized they were serious!They are the absolute worst! UNO's cole slaw is sickening and when we expected it to be taken off the bill they refused! They will never see us there again! Friday's likes to serve their salad with chicken minus the chicken! One of our people found a strand of spagettie in his salad!All of these chains are going down hill fast right when they are all losing customers because of the state of the economy! I expect they will all fold soon enough!
  • I hate Bennigans. I ordered a burger there once & the moron cook left the plastic on the meat when it was served to me. How the hell did he cook it w/o noticing? It slid down my throat & almost choked me before I pulled it out myself. They only comped the burger. The manager should have comped my whole meal & I told the corporate office about it. They offered me coupons for my "next meal". I told them that I would never eat there again. They had no other method to solve this problem.
  • Carl Jr. and Hardees. BLAH. Its like pure grease. Have you looked at the calories in the food. One sandwich has enough calories for an entire day!!
  • I HATE Panda Inn!! So nasty. Pretty much any Pizza or Italian beef sandwich's from outside Chicago can be pretty bad. Sorry :(
  • I have three letters for you. K-F-C lol

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