• if your ans for only genotype of any tall then genotype of tall plant are TT , tt for determination of test cross tall dwarf TT tt T t / Tt ------ f1 generation cross product of f1 generation with recessive one of parents so, dwarf tall tt Tt t Tt / Tt tt ---------f2 generation result: tall and drawf= 1 : 1
  • For it to be a tall plant, it would have to have the genotype of either TT or Tt. To test which one it is, you would breed it with a tt plant. If any offspring are dwarfs, then it's heterozygous; if all the offspring are tall, then it's homozygous. T T t Tt Tt t Tt Tt All the offspring would be tall in that scenario. T t t Tt tt t Tt tt Half the offspring would be tall and half would be dwarf in that scenario.

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