• australia doesn't have wal-mart
  • I get my meds there,and some groceries.
  • Here we have ASDA (part of the Wal-mart group.) We do most of our shopping there as it is the cheapest store
  • Occasionally. I like it because they're cheap, but don't like shopping there because it is always crowded.
  • G'day Pantaloons, Thank you for your question. Australia doesn't have Walmart. I do most of my shopping at Coles and Supabarn. Regards
  • Yes, if its a super center: -they have cheap prices -I can get everything I need from groceries to stationary in one trip, which convenient if you don't have a car -they carry the top ten prescriptions for $4 -Doctor visits for $60 -One-hour photo with a free CD of your photos -The cashiers are always cheerful and they pack your purchases correctly (as in putting all the colld items in the same bag)
  • I'm glad that I went shopping at Target yesterday. Wal*Mart is like the oh no, I need something; off to Wal*Mart I go. It's the last place I want to go to but it tends to be where I go from time to time.
  • Even though there is a Wal*Mart 1 mile away from where I live, I rarely shop there. I'm not impressed with their prices or the quality of most of their products.
  • Sometimes, when I need something quick but it usually backfires on me because I end up standing in line longer than the time I actually spent "shopping". UGH!
  • I hate it but there is one in Chino hills a super wal-mart wow very nice
  • We usually go to Wal Mart at least once a week, because money is tight and they have good prices!
  • No I am not, because we don't have them here.
  • yup! I worked there for 4 years and so I know the majority of the staff, the in's and out's of whats in stock,where to find the fastest cashier.And tons more info that helps!Don't shop on a weekend,it is only students and part timers and they know nothing!
  • I would call myself a reluctant Walmart shopper. I shop there, when I don't have another choice.
  • No Walmarts in Belgium. Hooray! :D
  • nope I absolutly refuse to shop there.
  • Not by choice. Wal*mart makes me physically ill (the people cram in like flies on a cow pie!) but when there is nowhere else to shop in my don't have a choice.
  • I used to refuse because where I lived walmart drove out small businesses. They would open, and everything else would close. I moved a few thousand miles away and here walmart is treated like any other store so the local businesses aren't hurt by their presence. So now I have no problem shopping there, although I rarely do as K mart is closer. :P
  • No, the several in my area are always "junky". I prefer organized stores like Target. Besides, Target has better quality for about the same price.
  • No, I do not shop at Wal-mart. I do not believe allowing a single retailer to wield that much market power is in the long-term interest of anyone (except maybe Wal-mart's stockholders). Wal-mart's unofficial motto: We abuse our employees, our middle-management, our suppliers, the environment, and your local economy....and pass the savings on to you!
  • I have never shopped in a Wal Mart. After what they did to Iowa, I don't believe in their philosophy and am boycotting them. I may be only one person, but what the hell.
  • I buy only what I have to buy. It is convienant for me. It is a 1 minute drive from my house. i live in a very small city and it is the only place I can go and get things for my pet like flea control items , collars, and things like shoes, clothes, etc. there is a vet's office but it also cost 4 times the price. I usually will go to the next town 45 minutes away and buy everything at one time but for 1 or 2 item that I must have, I will shop at Wal mart. The cashiers here are rude and most of time they never even have what I really need.

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