• It couldn't be any worse than a restaurant or anywhere else where people talk too loudly on their cells.
  • It does seem to be a dangerous thing, what better way to remotely detonate a bomb say in a shoe or hand luggage without having to be conspicuous until it is too late :o(
  • It is crazy to allow cell phone use on planes. You are sitting elbow to elbow to elbow with someone yakking on the cell and you can't get away.You can only sit there. This is needed? By who? The cell phone companies want people to use up their minutes. And on a plane people will talk for hours. - Great for the cell phone providers, lousy for the person sitting next to you.
  • They are? What airlines? That's a terrible idea.
  • No cell phones on planes! Air travel stinks as it is.
  • Cell phones make a personal hell when traveling on trains and buses, so there's no reason to expect they would be less annoying on planes with only the engine whine for comfort. I hate this idea. It would be wonderful if the presumably more upscale clientele had better phone manners, but that's just wishing. There will always be people trying to exceed their allocation of unlimited minutes, and will do so as if they're cheering a football game. I hate this already.
  • Probably so, but this is where tact and consideration plus manners are needed. I don't think we have that anymore!! Everyone is so about themselves disregarding the concern about others.
  • they might like it less that i'll be crushing peoples cell phones with my feet.
  • Good question. I am in Europe right now and most are looking forward to it although i can see that perhaps in the future that there will be cellphone-free areas (front or back like it used to be for smoking). And I can see airlines charging a premium for a cell-phone seat.
  • No. Does everyone have a short fuse when it comes to cell phones? Most of the time I can't hear a word people are saying on planes if they are 2 or more rows away. So therefore, you only have to put up with the conversations of maybe 8 people around you. And I don't expect all of them to be talking at once. Do people talking to each other on the plane annoy you? It's the same thing. And people do bring mp3 players and cd players and other things to drownd out sound. Just put your head phones in and ignore the talking around you.
  • It doesn't bother me at all. I guess my Power of Ignore is more developed than some people here.
  • Especially the ones with the cell phone behind me babbling away. I'm sorry sir; I didn't mean to accidentally thrust my elbow into your face. It was just a nervous reflex of mine. You know how planes can be.
  • well it is a double edged sword..I think we have known for a long time that cellphone use would not cause a plane to crash, but now that it is allowed I know for sure I will undoubtedly on my next flight be stuck in the middle seat for 5 hours between "Girl, you know what she said about so and so" girl and the "I love you too smooochy wooochie pumpkin I will miss yooooooo smooch smooch smooch" guy...
  • Amazingly stupid idea. If the guy sitting next to me, or the teenager on the other side is gabbing on the cell I'm guaranteed to go mad.
  • Yes, I get annoyed with them in wide open spaces, I would hate to get trapped with a chatty person yacking on their cell in a small place like a plane.
  • This was asked in April and it is now August. Have they actually started using them on flights? I haven't heard of any cases of "Sky Rage", yet. I can't imagine being subjected to having to listen someone yacking away about nothing during a whole 3-5 hour flight. Sorry, but the engine noise and head phones doesn't drown that out. It's annoying enough having to listen to someone's dog bark or kids crying or people talking when you're trying to read or relax.

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