• What is your definition of "cheap"?
  • No--I am the one that is unbelievably cheap.
  • Yes. You could say some of my friends are more conservative than just cheap.
  • No way. Stinginess is a red-flag to me. Cheap tippers are the worst. Admittedly, how someone else chooses to spend his or her money is none of my business, but still. There's something about cheap that's a real turn-off. Seems cold.
  • Yes, I tell him that he needs to get a job, and to repay all the money he has borrowed.
  • Yes,but in some ways I think its good. The cheap ones I respect are the ones that want to go cheap when we go out, etc. The ones I can't stand are the ones that tell you that they have no money for drinks, so you buy them a drink. What do they order: the most expensive drink there is. Thats annoying
  • no i have never thought of my friends as being cheap.
  • I was going to say the ones that are broke, but I probably have friends who spend less than them.
  • ohmyGAWD yes. We have a couple of friends who make 100k+ per year and they are the cheapest people we know. Once, my husband's friend came over to watch a UFC fight with the guys; my husband asked him to bring some chips. The guy brought in one bag (he knew there would be at least 8 guys there), and when someone commented that we were going to run out really fast, he was like "oh yeah, I have another bag in the car, I just didn't want to bring them in in case we didn't need them." He also takes half-eaten bags of chips home with him when he leaves parties. He's the first to say, "Sure!" when someone is offering THEIR beer, though.
  • Yes. My husband is cheap. He can take 10 bucks and come out of the grocery store with three full bags. That's tough to do.
  • Worse. My brother is cheap.
  • Yes, but thats they way they have been there whole lifes so there still good friends. Thats why they usually have nicer stuff than me but thats ok. I might be broke but I enjoy Life;)
  • Yes, I remember a few from work lunches. The bill would always come up short if you didn't get separate checks. That sort of thing. The kind where you'd have to wait until they left the table to put a decent tip down or they'd be picking it up and thrusting money back into their own pocket.
  • I can't think of any I'd label like that... though I think many of them would say I was the cheap one, not unbelievably, but maybe, unnecessarily. I can see how they would think that, but I don't see myself that way. I go on vacations, I eat out at decent restaurants, I bought my car brand new, I have good-to-high quality clothing that I buy from not-too-shabby stores. Having said that, I probably do watch my money a lot more closely than most of my peers. I'm responsible with my money, not cheap.
  • Yeah, this guy I work with yo...
  • I prefer the word "frugal" or "want a good return on investment"..Jim and I like a good bargain..I clip coupons all the time for foodstuffs..but when it comes to how we treat our family/friends, I would say we are very generous. I guess we are a mixed bag and I'm guessing most people are..we have different ideas as to what things are worth...I will pay a buncha bucks for something delicious to eat, whereas I'm not a clotheshorse so any kind of bluejeans/sweatshirt that fits is fine with me! :) Our friends are mostly very generous, but also research things a lot to get the best deal they can! :)
  • My boyfriend is cheap. We live together, and he makes way more money than I do even though he only works 3x week. (I work full time.) We rent a room in his apartment to a tenant who pays for the entire rent..and he still makes me pay rent! So while I am going broke paying him, he profits off me. And he insists on splitting every little thing we do together 50/50. When he is stressed about money, which is often, he reminds me of how much he has spent on presents for me (that I didn't ask for) and how he wishes he had that money for something else.

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