• I wonder what could be the situation that made the guy give that ad.He may be a shop owner, referring to new shoes?Or is it a poor guy who lost his baby....probably having a bad time that's making him sell his baby's shoes(Sorry for being pessimistic....just an imaginary situation)...I don't know...
  • possably bad, or they just did'nt want them.
  • That would make me feel insecure and depressed. My thoughts wander to the possibility that the baby died at a very early age, or something awful happened to the child - any thing along the lines of that. Aw, that's atrocious.
  • At first I'd jump to the conclusion that some poor soul lost a baby. Then I'd think more positively that maybe the shoes just weren't suitable for the baby. Interesting question.
  • That babies don't really wear shoes that much. Or maybe they got them as a gift and they were the wrong size,etc. I don't think I would automatically jump to conclusions.
  • Full of sympathy as my first thought would be that someone might have had a miscarriage.. thus having baby shoes that are unworn.
  • I have several baby shoes that were given to me and my son never wore them. We did not put shoes on his little feet until he could walk. The shoes just sat in the closet.
  • That the baby never got around to wearing them as they grow so fast and those little feet get so big quickly. One day they could fit and the next day, too tight.
  • I would think that someone went on a shopping spree for their child and bought too many pairs of shoes that they would just grow out of later on, so they've decided to sell them.
  • Ah, Ernest Hemingway's self proclaimed best work. When I first heard that I thought the baby grew up and they didn't need the shoes anymore.
  • I would think they are idiots for placing an expensive advertisement for a pair of shoes. Is it just one pair or hundreds? Babies don't walk that much until they are older. If they have shoes to sell, they should do it by word of mouth.
  • I'd wonder what it's like to walk a mile in a baby's shoes... But seeing as they wouldn't fit me, I'd never know.
  • I would think there were baby shoes for sale that were never worn.
  • I would not think of someone who had lost a child. I think that this would be more likely to come from someone who had been given too many gifts of clothing or bought too many themselves.
  • I'd think that someone had been knitting...
  • Do they come with clothes to match? I AM a bargain shopper.
  • i would hope that the baby just never got a chance to wear them...maybe they grew too fast. would hope that there was a baby to wear them and they didnt...and not that something hapenned to the baby who had the shoes. i personally could not take the shoes of a baby who has been lost. the parents should hold on to the shoes....i couldnt take their memory
  • Baby had so many pairs and never got around to wearing them.
  • i would think it was a good deal if i needed baby shoes.
  • Females start hoarding shoes since the day they're born
  • i'd feel really upset... poor souls... i'm a bit of a pessimist tho
  • Well, I'd assume someone bought a size too small and want to sell them off. (I try to be an optimist.)
  • Sympathy was not my first thought. I assumed the baby was born with big feet and the new baby shoes were too small. It happens when a woman has a 13 pound baby.
  • Yeah i wouldn't assume the worst at first, but if that were true that would be one of the saddest things I've ever heard. I knew someone who lost his baby a week after birth and it was such a huge tragedy
  • if the baby had died i would probably want to cry but if they were a gift, then i would think that it was normal bec babies grow just so fast.

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