• Sorry, it's supposed to be Has anyone else noticed her lips. not noticed how.
  • What about her lips?
  • Not to worry. You aren't the only one who noticed something fishy with her lips. Check this site and how they suspect what you probably are suspecting: At this website: Keira knightley vehemently denies having her lips injected: Keira Knightley: I'm not cosmetically enhanced! Keira Knightley has blasted reports that she had collagen injections in her lips. The stunning 'Pirates of the Carribbean' star revealed that no-one believes her denials about being cosmetically enhanced. She said: "I haven't had my lips done. Can I just say that I haven't. It's the idea people believe it! I've had friends phone me up and I've told them 'Get Lost! Of course I haven't.'" But the actress admitted that if she did have surgery, it wouldn't be on her lips. She said: "It's the only thing about me that I don't want bigger." In the pictures below you can see a difference. Although in the "before" pictures she is smiling, but in the "after" picture she is not. You decide!! =)
  • They look pouty and weird because they're fake.
  • Yes, they are just annoying. Best way to describe how she always makes them that way. She always takes pictures with those annoying lips.
  • no, i dont even know who she is

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