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  • There is absolutley no way that you can suck your own dick it is not that long, mine is 8 inches and i trided this and it is not possible, unless you can flex your body real good to reach it, why do you want to suck your own dick anyway?.
  • That's where you are wrong cheerpnc, and it has nothing to do with length (I am nowhere near 8 inches sadly!). When I was a teenager I discovered a way of doing it. You need to be skinny I think (I can't do it any more as I have put on a few pounds), but try this. 1. Lie on your back on the floor naked. 2. Place your elbows to the floor and your hands on your back holding your body up in the air so your weight is going completely onto your elbows and your neck area. 3. Slowly lower your legs towards your head until they touch the floor. The weight will now be shared between your feet and your neck area so you can move your elbows. 4. You will need to wriggle around a bit to get into the best position but with practice you will be able to firstly lick the tip of your penis, and eventually get enough of it in your mouth to simulate a blow job. Not everyone can do it I'm assured so it may never happen for you, but that's how I managed it. One time I had a friend who I had a kinda weird relationship with in that we both had a girlfriend/ boyfriend but would talk sexually and watch each other do stuff, and she witnessed me doing it - she was rather amazed I have to say!
  • MYSTERE is correct! I am a girl but when I want to see my boyfriend suck his own dick that is how it happens. I give him a rim job when he is sucking. Than I like him to blow it all over his face and let me lick it off.
  • In your dreams only, unless you have a big neck or large cock.
  • well i have done it once then i tryed agen later and i can not do it
  • I Gawd I wish.
  • I tryed it that way and it works!! The more you do it the more flexable you are, the more you can put in your mouth. I have a gf that sucks my dick but I like to be able to do myself too!
  • it can be done i promase i have seen it done b4 i had a x bf who could put his dick in his mouth
  • be realy flexable and have a long dick
  • Incredibly limber or own a time machine.
  • ---------------- when i was 10yo or 11yo i suck my own dick but cant do it now I ONLY WISH NOW
  • IF I could do that I would never leave the house.
  • Next time I dream about it I will be sure to tell you. The last time I tried that though, I fell off the couch.
  • Hell, I wish I could suck my own dick!!
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Why in Sam hell would I want to do that? Boil me in water until my flesh peeled off. I'd get blown by the most skankiest neighhood bag whore before I would suck my own tool......oops...think I have to hurl....
  • It's possible and length is not the issue but would be easier - it just takes practice. I started out 4 or 5 inches away but the more i tried the more the neck, back and leg muscles stretch out and in about a month or so i made contact. And after that i kept at it til i eventually could get a little more than half comfortably, and it's fun as hell. Here's a pic of me doin' the deed! And yes i leave the fuckin' house.
  • i have never figured it out
  • If your body is flexible and if you have been doing Yoga then you suck your own dick.
  • I have always been able to lick the head of my friend between my legs, but have never managed a full-on self blow job - how good would that be? A built in swallower!
  • i will try to day....

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