• not at all, cause instead of teachers being able to actually teach they have to gear their lessons so avery student passes some rediculous standardized test. so every child gets passed through but few actually learn anything, just look at the dropout rate in freshman year in the universities
  • It was a ruse to actually take funds away from schools. Fooled everybody because they did not understand it yet voted yes on it.
  • It has been a disaster that has defeated the structure of public schools and thrown them under the control of a national body to whom authority has been handed in defiance of state control of schools and their programs. Education has been discarded in favor of dumbing down the curriculum and replacing real education with a singular goal-oriented approach. The students might as well be working in mills.
  • My brother and sister in law are both teachers and they hate it. I don't know the details but they say it's one of the worse things brought into the school system.
  • Absolutely NOT. It's a total scam designed to privatize or reduce funding for public schools based on a series of absurd standardized tests. Now teachers put a majority of their efforts into preparing their students for these specific tests instead of teaching a normal and well-rounded curriculum. It may not surprise some of you to know that several companies involved, such as the company that designs and produces these tests, has direct family or political ties to the Bush family. Neocons have been attempting to privatize every facet of our lives that were formerly handled by public funding, including Social Security, school funding, Medicare, and many others. The reason is because by privatizing this money, they will make their buddies on Wall Street super-rich, and their buddies in return will continue to contribute and influence right-wing political campaigns and lobbying.
  • If I may say so, I believe that the whole idea of public education is wrong. If parents took it upon themselves to educate their children, then they would have only themselves to blame if the quality of the child's education was poor. And they would have great incentive to educate their children properly, because if they did a half-assed job of it, they would end up embarrassed.
  • They are now ALL being left behind. The kids I work with are very nice, but they don't even know enough to know that they don't know.
  • never was true. they skewed and falsified statistics when they first presented that program. what a farce! even though all children are considered to be equal, some are more equal than others and given more funding and support in their education. the education system is simply a mess im afraid. and the teachers are understaffed and underpaid, bless their hearts.
  • It never was true. You can't catch all of the fish with the big nets. The feds have only screwed things up by trying to not leave any kids behind. Education doesn't work at the federal level - it MUST be state and locally controlled. IF the feds want to stick their noses in education, it MUST be done with bloc grants. Give the states a big chunk of cash and let each state figure out what they need. New Mexico and Vermont have different issues to deal with and they must deal with them in different ways. GET WASHINGTON OUT OF PUBLIC EDUCATION NOW.
  • I think the no child left behind is a joke. See when I was in school you had to do your home work, or you didn't pass, but the school used the no child left behind to pass my nephew who refused to do his home work ~ Now I know that this maybe doing some good, but I believe it's also sending the wrong messages to our kids. It told my nephew that he could do whatever he wanted to, and still side by, and never have to own up to his behavior ~ It's not the message I don't think we should be sending.

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