• I think the cat finds it fun. Or at least, funny.
  • Does she only do it when it's been sitting there a while? Maybe it's stale. Or maybe she just likes lapping it up off the floor. For a while with our cats we used this thing that kept the water moving all the time, like a fountain...worked well.
  • My mom's dog carries food from her dish into the living room to eat it. Animals just do weird things cos they're animals.
  • give your cat a toy.
  • Ewww, I had this problem, it's so annoying. I eventually velcroed the bowl to the floor. You can still pick it up to clean it but he couldn't scoot it anylonger.
  • They'll do that to their food dish to reach the corners of the bowl. Maybe their is a piece of food stuck to the side of the water dish. Just make sure the bowl is clean. You could fill a huge pan, so that it would be too heavy to move. Our cat will only drink out of the toilet bowl. Strange what habits animals pick up.
  • Some cats like playing with water. Seriously.
  • It probably wants moving fresh water, you wouldn't want to drink juice/water that had been sitting out for hours gathering dust etc would you? Cats like fresh water, some like running water too, this is why they try and drink from taps. Try getting one of those water dispenser cat bowl things that keep it flowing and moving.
  • My cat does it and the vet said that he does it just to play with the water. I thought there might have been somthing wrong with him but I found out it is not so. it is just a cat thing. Sometimes he puts his toys in there and them moves the bowl and the toy bounces out. So I would not weorry just have a mop ready.LOL!
  • Many cats like playing in their water bowl. Right now we hve one that loves to put his toys in there, get them really soaked and then bat them around the floor. He just can't resist putting his feet in the water and splashing it around. And another cat is always pushing the dish all over the floor. It's just something to do.

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