• I like reading japanese comic books (manga), as well as playing basketball and watching the ncaa season with my favorite team, duke blue devils, and especially now, with there only being 4 teams left in the tournament, Ucla (california), kansas, unc (north carolina) and memphis (tennessee). Most importantly, I like listening to christian music and worshipping the One who bought me with a price. I also love sharing the love He has shown me with a sweetheart that I met here, and though we still talk here, we also email, and those are a bit more personal.
  • I like to read, workout and play the piano. Maybe you can watch these on your spare time.
  • Research your family history (genealogy) starting with your generation's children (or grandchildren - new NEWEST generation)... And/Or Scan, scrapbook, and label (acid-free ink, please) family pictures (old and new)... And/Or go out and take, collect, scan (if not digital) and label pictures of graveyards, and each and every stone in them... visit where you grew up and take pictures of your family home, where you went to school, where you worked, where you lived, and historic buildings in the area, etc. ... Write stories about growing up, about your family, about your grandparents, about work, about the area you grew up in, etc. ALL of the above (or copies) can be donated to your local historical and genealogical society. And you will have something to leave your family, children, grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, THEIR grandchildren, your cousins, THEIR children and grandchildren, etc. You can spend as little or as little time on this as you want. You can do research and site source, or just put things together for fun. The stories MIGHT be sellable to magazines in that area, in book form (if you write enough of them), etc.
  • Love reading,3-d puzzles,I am working at cleaning the house for spring,painting,putting things away that we dont touch for a year and throwing away thigs I put away last year and never touched!
  • i restore antique cars,
  • I grab my MP3 player and just walk three or four miles on my spare time. I listen to Dr. Laura....I enjoy listening about other people's drama while walking down the road. It is just plain, healthy, cheap entertainment.
  • i make little rocks out of big rocks in the big house
  • Take up electronics, there is no end of possibilities of what you can make !
  • Volunteer your services civically.
  • I whittle. I do chains and balls-in-cages. This is my first place winner from this years show last month.
  • Huge knitter. Just shopping for yarn is fun for me, even if it never gets knit-up!
  • I'm an amateur gold prospector/miner. For very little money (less than $20) you can get a gold pan and head to the river/creek/desert. If you love the outdoors it's the perfect hobby, plenty of exercise, outside in the fresh air, and it is truly possible to strike it rich just as they did in the days of the '49'er gold rush! Even if you don't strike it rich it's an amazing feeling finding something that has never before seen the light of day for millions of years until you find it and pick it up. Want more info? Add a comment to mine and I'd be happy to help.
  • Reading is my favorite thing to do. I also do crafts like cross stitch, quilting, and sewing. I have a few blogs for my different interests to share with a like-minded community.
  • I love to garden. Its not a hard hobby for you to learn.
  • Play guitar. It is relatively simple to learn enough to play a song, and you can get into it a little or a lot. I find it relaxing.

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