• Yes, but only in the most dire of situations.
  • Depending on the crime, but yea in some extream cases I would. If someone hurt one of my family and got off... yea I would!
  • No I could never do that. Unless I had no choice but to defend myself.
  • If I had to.
  • Only if it involves family.
  • I would - an example would be if i witnessed a child being abused in public. I just can't stand that. I would also tip off a clerk if I saw someone stealing something. But, I would have to be absoultely sure before I said anything.
  • Laws are funny things. More or less, they're supposed to be a reflection of some generally approved code of ethics. I respect laws as much as I respect the ethics behind them. If the law fits in with my sense of morality and ethics, I approve of it. If someone violates this law, I respect the fact that the violator may have a conflicting sense of morality. However, if someone commits an action I deem immoral and unethical, AND it's directly harmful to me or someone or something about which I care a lot, I'll be inclined to ensure this person ceases.
  • I would. Does anyone remember the line from the Andy Griffith Show? "Citizens arrest! Citizens arrest!"-was it goober or gomer pyle? i can't remember. haha. hilarious
  • Yes..If it was to protect me or my family. My town is so hard up for money, they don't even prosecute simple misdemeanors anymore.

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